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Happy Mum - Rejuvenating Blend

Happy Mum

Happy Mum - Rejuvenating Blend

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It’s high time you had a bit of ‘you time’!

Your little ones are growing up fast, and it’s high time you had a bit of ‘you time’. If it’s a bit early in day to grab your heels and head out for cocktails (or you’re still breastfeeding), try this delicious little pick-me-up.

A herbal infusion for any woman, of any age, this delicate fruity and floral blend has aromatic undertones and a little hit of caffeine (hurrah! Caffeine again!) from white tea leaves.

We’ve added hibiscus blossom to give you a happy heart, calming linden blossom, and dandelion leaf. Dandelion leaf has been used for generations as it’s believed to be a gentle, natural diuretic, so it may help you lose any lingering bloaty feelings.


Pregnancy Tea - Rejuvenating Blend

Contains 15x 2.5g bags of herbal infusion, enough for 15 or more cups.

Heat freshly drawn water to about 80°C, infuse for three minutes, and drink without milk.

Vegan, gluten-free. 100% biodegradable pyramid bag and outer bag. Box is recyclable and compostable in an industrial environment. Outer bag is compostable at home. Pyramid bags are biodegradable in landfill.


Chinese White Tea (24%), Elderflower, Hibiscus, Apple Pieces, Rosehip, Linden Blossom, Desiccated Coconut, Aniseed, Dandelion Leaves, Rose Petals, Natural Flavouring.

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