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How Infuzions Materni-té Herbal Teas For Pregnancy Were Born

Hi, we’re Caroline and David. We’ve been in the nursery industry for over 10 years, and our favourite thing is meeting all the families along the way.

We meet a lot of mums. Excited new mums-to-be, ready-to-pop mums, frazzled experienced mums, young mums, mature mums, mums of one and mums on their way to a whole football team. We love to meet and chat with you all.

Happy Mum Pregnancy Tea by Materni-te

One thing all our mums have in common is that they love to sit down, have a cuppa and share. Every mum, and every pregnancy, is unique, but one thing every woman seems to agree on is that pregnancy and motherhood aren’t always a bed of roses as the ads would have us believe.

There’s a load of stuff your mum and your grandma never talked about. But, girls, it’s the 21st century, you’re not having it with any of that ‘shut up and put up’ nonsense, and don’t you love to share...

From Fat Ankles to Farts...

From ‘baby brain’ to upset tummies, from fat ankles to farts, and what pregnancy does to your sex life, we’ve heard it all. Your stories often have us in stitches (ouch).

One day we thought, wouldn’t it be nice to give you something back – a little bit of a treat, as well as a natural boost for wherever you are in your baby adventure.

Materni-te pregnancy teas

And so Infuzions Materni-té was born.

Our range of herbal infusions has been carefully researched, and recipes tried, tested and tried again, to provide natural support for your body and reproductive system at every stage of your pregnancy.

Whether you’re just thinking about it, bonking yourselves silly trying to get that little line to go blue, cradling your tiny bundle of joy and swearing never to have sex again, or anywhere in between, we’ve come up with a special blend just for you.

Materni-te Pregnancy Teas can be enjoyed hot or cold

And since there’s little point in sitting down with a cuppa if you’re not going to enjoy it, they’re not just healthy, they’re blooming delicious – hot or cold (and we all know a mum never gets to drink a hot cup of tea), any time of the day or night.

We know, because we asked you to test them. Loads of you. And when we could get your attention, you told us what you enjoyed most. (About the drinks, ladies, the drinks.)

We’ve used only the highest quality ingredients – you’ll find real bits of fruit, flowers and herbs in the bags – each blend has been carefully researched for its benefits (and safety) at every stage of pregnancy.

So let’s pop the kettle on, grab a bag of your favourite blend, and have a natter. Join us on social media to tell us what you think, or give us a giggle with your pregnancy stories. We’ll be expecting you.

Love, Caroline and David